Club Membership


Club Membership Classifications And Fees
Effective As Of January 1, 2017

Initiation fees are waived if applicant agrees to automated withdrawal of monthly billed services (membership dues and member charges) for one year.


Social Membership

Swimming pool and bar only

$100.00 Initiation fee, $25.99 a month

MUST pay 6 months dues in advance ($155.94 + $100.00 initiation fee= $255.94 to join)


Associate Membership

Golf, swimming pool, and bar

$200.00 Initiation fee

$85.00 a month


Stock Holder

Golf, swimming pool, and bar

Voting member

Own stock at MCC

$600.00 Initiation fee

$85.00 a month

(if stockholder holds membership for 1 year, they may cash in their stock of $600.00)



Golf, swimming pool and bar

$100.00 Initiation fee

$71.20 a month


Access the Registration form here. Print it and attach the completed application to your email and email to: or you can drop the application by the club house or mail it to: Mineola Country Club, 975 West Loop 564, Mineola, Texas 75773.